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We are changing the way we work by connecting Professionals and Clients on a single platform


A freelance portal aimed at connecting professionals from across Africa to clients globally

KreekAfrica presents a smart way of doing business by putting Professionals and Clients in Africa on a platform to connect and collaborate.

We understand that the traditional way of hiring can be costly for businesses and a barrier to creative expression for Professionals. Also, with the growing popularity of remote work on the continent, it makes financial sense, especially during a crisis. We seek to break the limitations of the standard 9-5 work structure to add some flexibility and freedom to your work life.

We have created a plaform to serve all kinds of Professionals

Our values

We strive to redefine the standard of working.

Our Vision

Is to be Africa’s number one platform when it comes to hiring solutions

Our aim

Is to also meet the needs of the African business community one connection at a time..

Our Mision

Is to connect freelancers and employers in Africa, in a positive way that challenges the way the continent does business.


Experience and integrity by our team

Our team is made up of passionate individuals with a deep understanding of the setbacks that come with the traditional work structure. We are therefore committed to changing the status quo to fulfil the work and business dreams everyone involved

“We prioritize trust in the way our platform is used for secure and transparent transactions. We respect professionals and businesses from across all fields and encourage collaboration and tolerance to solve individual needs. We also value accountability in how the platform encourages all parties involved to take responsibility for all actions taken"

KreekAfrica Team