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(A) Eligibility

Kreekafrica.com provides the Dispute Resolution services for Registered Users with funds in (currency) and have requested kreekafrica.com to take on all or part of the payment liability for services and parties who are engaged in a dispute that is (i)Pursuant to a Job posting through the Website by a Client (ii)Pursuant to a Quote through the Website by the Professional for such Job posting and (iii)Pursuant to acceptance by the Client for such Quote through the Website. Client and Professional acknowledge and agree that concerning Assumed Payment Liabilities, any and all disagreements or dispute relating to underlying fees shall be governed by the terms of this Section

(B) Process

  • Arbitration: In any instance where the Professional and Client fail to mutually agree on the distribution of funds, you explicitly agree to and acknowledge that a kreekafrica.com or a third party chosen by kreekafrica.com will arbitrate the disagreements or dispute according to these Terms of Service and the Website
    • You agree and acknowledge that kreekafrica.com will interpret any Job Agreement based on the transaction's course of dealing and industry common practices. Specifically, in making its decision, the arbitrator will be compelled to consider the following: (i) the Job Agreement, (ii) the parties' course of dealings, as evidenced by any activity or communications via the Website, (iii) the Job itself and (iv) any other information or communication that the Professional and Client present for assessment or review.
    • Kreekafrica.com shall make its decision within five (5) to seven (7) days of Arbitration being opened. During this time, you are encouraged to further try to negotiate and settle the dispute amicably with each other
    • You agree that Kreekafrica.com's decision as an arbitrator shall be final, binding and not subject to appeal. Accordingly, funds will be transferred based on the arbitrator's decision, after rendering the decision.
    • In the event that you prevail in its arbitration decision, you agree that you shall have no right, interest in, title to or license to the Job that is the subject matter of the dispute. In such an instance, you agree to return any physical copies of such Job in your possession and destroy any electronic copies you may have.

(C) Communication

You agree and acknowledge that (i)Kreekafrica.com will use the email address provided with your Account registered at the time Arbitration is opened as a means of notifying and communicating with you concerning Arbitration and (ii) you alone are responsible for receiving any notification or communication sent by Kreekafrica.com using the provided email address corresponding with your registered Account is the time Arbitration is opened.

(D) Acknowledgements

You agree and acknowledge that (i)Kreekafrica.com is not providing you with legal services, (ii) Kreekafrica.com will not provide advice on any legal matters and (iii) you will seek independent legal counsel licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction if you need legal counsel and not rely on Kreekafrica.com for such counsel, You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Kreekafrica.com and any of our affiliates against any liabilities or damages you may suffer as a result of using the Arbitration Service. You should not request Kreekafrica.com to assume the Assumed Payment Liabilities if you do not agree to use this Arbitration Service under these terms.